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Math for 7th grade

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Math for 7th grade Empty Math for 7th grade

Post  HSmomof3girls Thu Feb 12, 2009 11:57 am

We are using Horizons Grade 6. I am looking into what to use for next year.

I was told that Horizons and Saxon were on about the same level, just Horizons
is more colorful and you do the work in the books.

What would be a good program for next year's math? I don't want to have them
(I have twins) repeat a lot of the work they've already done in 6th grade. I want
something challenging, but not overly difficult.

One of my daughters really enjoys math. It's not a favorite subject (and not quite
as easily done) for my other.

Thank you.


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Math for 7th grade Empty Re: Math for 7th grade

Post  just4books Thu Feb 19, 2009 2:02 am

I have used Abeka through grade school. The lessons are broken down so that one concept is learned in one lesson, which is usually 2, maybe 3 pages long, which includes review questions (I assign review questions based on need). The approach is different than Saxon etc. There is not as much in depth explanation, so parents may need to provide a little extra help, depending on the student's ability. (My child does very well in math, so he needed very little help.)

Abeka's 7th grade book mixes basic math instruction with math application to daily life. For example, the children will learn how to keep check books, figure interest of all kinds, figure installment payments, adjust recipes, read gas & electric meters and figure cost, do comparative shopping, use percentages to figure taxes of all kinds, figure auto & health insurance, do budget planning, find commissions & discounts etc. As for 'just' math, there is the usual fare, such as ratios, decimals, graphs, weights & measurements, plane and solid geometry,fractions, algebra, etc, and a few pages of Pythagorean Rule & Trigonometry.

Since it is a different approach than what you might be used to, you might want to review the book at one of their book displays that are held in most cities. If you go to their web site, you can locate a display near you.


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Math for 7th grade Empty math for 7th grade

Post  birdfancier09 Sun Mar 01, 2009 11:26 am

I suggest you try a placement test that Saxon offers. You can get these free. Google for the Saxon website. I believe you can print them out. I obtained a free copy from OLVS when I placed an order. The tests are for students who have not taken Saxon courses before.

You can also call Saxon, as I've heard they are helpful.


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Math for 7th grade Empty Re: Math for 7th grade

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