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Saxon Math 8/7 or 1/2?

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Saxon Math 8/7 or 1/2? Empty Saxon Math 8/7 or 1/2?

Post  Yornoc7 Mon Jul 06, 2009 10:35 am

Do you prefer Saxon Math 8/7 or Saxon Math 1/2 before Saxon Math Algegra I?

I used 1/2 with older daughters but seem to be hearing that people prefer the 3rd edition of 8/7 over 1/2?

Send me your thoughts!


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Saxon Math 8/7 or 1/2? Empty NEVER skip Saxon 8/7!!!

Post  jlk Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:35 pm


I wish I could shout this from the highest mountain!

Algebra 1/2 is the book to skip if you skip anything - according to SAXON!!

Look at the fine print at the beginning of the Saxon catalog w/ FAQ - it explains it...however, the 2 page spreads describing each book SAY nothing!!

I just finished digging through all of this. Per Saxon representative - never skip Saxon 8/7. If your child achieves 80% or higher on 8/7 then Saxon says to skip Alg 1/2.

****this is the opposite of what Saxon recommended 15 yrs ago w/ version #1**

Many homeschoolers are still following the old recommendation and they are getting into trouble w/ Algebra 1

Saxon rearranged the books. 8/7 has MORE pre-algebra than Alg 1/2. If a student takes 1/2 instead, then Saxon says the students are NOT PREPARED for ALG 1.

Saxon is well aware of this confusion, but they don't seem to be advertising it enough in the homeschool math catalogs.

Many curriculum providers are not aware of this and recommend the wrong thing. Rainbow Resource and Kolbe have it right - Seton has it completely wrong. MODG and Emmanuel had it partially wrong. The Well Trained Mind 2009 version has it wrong. I have contacted these places and explained - IF YOU NOTICE ANY OTHERS THAT RECOMMEND THE OUTDATED SEQUENCE TELL THEM. HOMESCHOOLERS ARE STRUGGLING IN SAXON ALGEBRA 1 BECAUSE OF IT.

Please post this with any homeschool groups you frequent and copy it for homeschool friends.

Good Luck,
Jerri in Indy


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