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Looking for a new High School Math program

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Looking for a new High School Math program Empty Looking for a new High School Math program

Post  just4books Fri Jan 16, 2009 3:40 am

I have used Abeka math for my children all through homeschooling, and it has worked very well for us. While there is a bit of review, I only assign review problems as needed. From 6th - 8th grade, my older son taught himself math, as this was his preferred method of learning. He learned new concepts fairly easily from the Abeka books, and got straight A's on his tests.

Since my children have done well with Abeka, we naturally attempted to continue with it into high school. We have now run into a road block because the Abeka algebra book does not teach the lesson. Neither does the TM. You get one sample problem, and then you're on your own. Today Abeka told me that anyone who uses their high school math series is expected to be proficient enough to teach without text support. If you can not do that, you need to use the DVDs. My son does not want to have to watch a DVD. He wants to read, learn, do the exercise and move on.

So, we need a new math series. I know a lot of people recommend Saxon, but I'm not convinced that is the way to go for us. When we started to homeschool, my high schooler, who was then in 6th grade, rejected Saxon as it looked too simplified and repetitive. I'm concerned he will have the same complaint now if he would use Saxon Algebra. In addition, I have read sites with Saxon reviews, and there were more complaints of boredom, repetition, not enough new concept problems, lessons that don't flow well from one to the next etc, and not enough positive reviews to make me feel comfortable spending the money to try this out.

Does anyone have suggestions for a high school math series for a bright student that has good/thorough explanation, adequate math problems to help learn/reinforce new concepts, flows well, and isn't too repetitive and boring? (and we don't want newfangled algebra, just the good old fashion stuff!)



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Looking for a new High School Math program Empty Re: Looking for a new High School Math program

Post  momgineerof6 Fri Jan 16, 2009 2:00 pm

Yes- I would suggest the Kolbe recommended math books. They use Jacobs Algebra then Jacobs geometry followed by Forresters Algebra 2/Trig over a 1 or 2 year period. They then use Saxon for Calculus as they have not yet found another self teaching calculus. We have only used the algebra book, but loved it. It is an older algebra book and used by many homeschoolers who dislike the Saxon approach. I have a sil who has used the other books and recommends them. Her son even started the Forrester book then went out to a private high school where they use that same book. I look forward to using these books and recommend them as an alternative to Saxon.


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