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Homeschooled teens in community college?

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Homeschooled teens in community college? Empty Homeschooled teens in community college?

Post  mkf0330 Wed Aug 20, 2008 10:55 am

Hello, Everyone! Hope all are enjoying the end of summer and looking forward to a great year ahead!

I have a question for us "veterans"---anyone have any experience with their teens taking courses in community college, positive or negative? My ds is 16, 11th grade, and we're looking at a course in Middlesex County College for this fall, or spring. My question isn't so much about the procedures of getting him enrolled, but about how other teens may have adjusted to college level courses, especially after being homeschooled and not used to classrooms full of other people, etc.

Thanks so much and have a Blessed Day!

Mary in Middlesex Co.


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Homeschooled teens in community college? Empty high school with community college

Post  bkrueger5 Wed Sep 03, 2008 2:19 am

I do not have experience, my son (16) is going to take a class this semester as well at our local college. But I have some friends that have had teens (as young as 14) start classes at our local community college and have had no problems adjusting. These particular students are hard workers and take learning seriously. My son is not as comfortable in group settings nor as "gung ho about learning" as theirs are so I am wondering how it will go...


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Homeschooled teens in community college? Empty Re: Homeschooled teens in community college?

Post  Catherine Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:16 pm

I am 17 and taking classes at the community college. I think that homeschoolers do fine in college classes because they are used to indepe/nt learning and most college classes have a lot more homework than classroom time. Plus they are usually ahead of the public school in work so an 11th grade student would be at college level work already. Also, if you do Saxon for Math then you are ahead. I took Saxon Algebra 1 and 2 then just skipped all the classes to pre-calc at the Community College with advanced students and I have A's. My English class was also very simple. The others are pretty easy as well. Also, I was able to get into the honors program which gave me some scholarships (which are worth checking out). Also, the honors program allows you to get into smaller classes with more serious students and teachers.

It is hard adjusting to the "public" college setting, but as long as you are there just for classes it is alright. I'd say most of it would depend on the teacher...

I hope this helps!


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Homeschooled teens in community college? Empty Re: Homeschooled teens in community college?

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