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High School Religion (apologetics?)

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High School Religion (apologetics?) Empty High School Religion (apologetics?)

Post  Macmom Tue Jul 01, 2008 4:22 pm

Any ideas for a very bright 11th grader who knows her Baltimore catechism, has read many of the Ignatius Press Bible studies (Mark, Matthew, Acts, Romans), done Fr. Laux's books, and finds Scott Hahn's Didache series just a rehash of everything she's learned? She keeps telling me she "knows all this" (oohhh... the pride there! But, thats another problem!) and just needs an opportunity to put her faith into practice.



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High School Religion (apologetics?) Empty Ideas

Post  Lizbette Wed Jul 02, 2008 9:56 am


I asked my 12th grade daughter this one and she said, "Start her on the Catechism of the Catholic Church"--she can skip around if she wants! Her next question was: "She's already read the Bible, right??"
I would suggest either having her read various lives of the saints -- old Katharine Burton's are great -- or  . . . 
go to TAN books and try her on their Moral Theology. It is Very Interesting, I thought. They also have a very good Bible Commentary to read in conjunction with the Bible.
Just a thought,


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High School Religion (apologetics?) Empty ideas

Post  Ann Lydic Wed Jul 02, 2008 12:17 pm

Try using ascension press Theology of the body for teens. I think this is a great workbook to do with our teens. I think it helps put things in perspective and is a way to put their faith into realistic practice. I agree with the last comment on using the catechism.

Ann Lydic

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High School Religion (apologetics?) Empty Catechism for older teens

Post  jamesfamilytx Thu Jul 03, 2008 12:48 am

How about a good church history course? The one we've used is "The Catholic Church: The First 2000 Years" (Ignatius Press). And perhaps she could put all her reading and knowledge to good use in your parish by serving as a catechist for younger children. My 18 yo daughter started doing this as a helper for elementary classes when she was 13, and "moved up" to middle school classes after she was confirmed as a high school freshman. She took advantage of adult catechist training courses offered by our diocese. This year, she was asked to be the lead catechist for 7th grade. It really challenged her not only in being able to share her knowledge of her faith, but to continue learning...not to mention the organizational, leadership and "group dynamics" skills she gained.

Beth James
Meghan 18 (homeschool graduate 2008), Ashley 16, Kristen 14, and Rebekah 11


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High School Religion (apologetics?) Empty Catechism for older teens

Post  momoflotsakids Wed Jul 09, 2008 1:11 pm


I have a 10th grade son who is in the same boat. His religious formation is everything I could have dreamed of. The only problem is, is that he's got it all down in his brain as far as "knowing" his faith.

What he didn't know is how to put his faith in action. So I sent him off to be an alter server. He loves it! I also sent him off to our local Life Teen program. He hated it. He said he wasnt learning anything, and the kids and leaders were so "lame". I was really bothered by this because he's such a great kid, and he sounded like a snobby jerk. Laughing

I asked him if he thinks he might be acting uncharitable towards his fellow Catholics who may need some help? He thought about it. So, this year the plan is to get involved with Life Teen as a LEADER.

SERVICE is so important for teens. It teaches charity, courage, and other catholic virtues.

Learning about the saints like St. Francis, Padre Pio, and even Mother Teresa is a great start. Sure we read these books to our kids, but how much do we challenge them to LIVE the faith?

Just my .02 Very Happy

Have a blessed day!



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High School Religion (apologetics?) Empty VERY TRADITIONAL RELIGION BOOKS!!!

Post  Catherine Tue Jul 29, 2008 2:57 pm

Our Lady of Victory School has some very traditional books. I used all of Fr. Laux books in 9th and 10th grade. I then went on to books 4 of our quest for happiness series. A very nice summary of what I had learned and a good preparation for going out into the world and college. I would also recommend Our Lady of Victory's Apologetics book they use in grade 12. It is different from other texts because it uses a step by step approach and can actually be used. For example "Does the person you are debating with think that God exists?" If so skip this chapter and go to the next.


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High School Religion (apologetics?) Empty Re: High School Religion (apologetics?)

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