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Son with Asperger's/mild Autism - any suggestions?

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Son with Asperger's/mild Autism - any suggestions? Empty Son with Asperger's/mild Autism - any suggestions?

Post  shana sfo Fri Aug 08, 2008 1:48 pm

My 5 year old has, we think, asperger's or mild autism. We haven't had any sort of formal diagnosis, mostly because we can't afford it and what would it really tell us anyway? (and I'm not sure I trust doctors to get it right either. So many latch onto 'the disease of the month') One of his older sisters was quite similar, and she's done fine undiagnosed (no one knew what was 'wrong' with her back then, she's 18 now. We began home schooling when she was in the 4th grade.) He is a loving, curious child, and can interact very well with our family.

Nicholas doesn't talk much, just one or two words when he uses them. I would like suggestions for a speech program if anyone has something to recommend that I can use. "Early intervention" was rendered impossible by my state's draconian vaccination laws - I wouldn't get him a hep B shot due to concerns with potential neurological problems and my family history, and without it the state would not permit him to even enter a public school building for speech therapy. I've done what I can myself, but I do think we need something else, and our insurance would make us pay out of pocket for the first $1500 so private therapy is out. His sister began using language rapidly on her own by this age, but his progress is slower. I think its time I found something formal to help him along.

I am planning a Montessori type kindergarten with him this year. Does anyone have any suggestions that I could investigate that aren't tremendously costly - maybe things I could make myself? He is very clever with his hands, loves to draw, paint etc, and I have tons of art supplies for him to use (I majored in art) but I also need to get him or make him other kinds of learning materials. ARe there any webites you found useful that I should look into? A few weeks back I did purchase a Montessori home-schooling book here, and am reading it for information & ideas as well. But sometimes the best advice comes not from books but from a mother's practical knowledge, and that's what I'm after.

I appreciate any help or advice you might have! flower

In the Sacred & Immaculate Hearts - shana

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