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Does anyone use Story of the World?

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Does anyone use Story of the World? Empty Does anyone use Story of the World?

Post  MomB96 Mon Oct 27, 2008 12:32 pm

I have a friend who is reverting to the Catholic faith (YAY!). She currently uses Story of the World and will be approaching the Reformation time period in the spring. Does anyone here use SOTW? If so, how do you modify it to be Catholic? If not, what curricula do you switch to at that time period?

Thanks for any assistance!


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Does anyone use Story of the World? Empty Story of the World

Post  betka Tue Oct 28, 2008 12:22 pm

Hi Sheri,

I'd also like to hear people's opinions about the Story of the World. We're only at the first grade level, so we are looking at that issue coming down the pike. A Catholic friend told me that she had found it so anti-Catholic that she stopped using the whole program. But that was several years ago. I glanced through the new edition of the Medieval/Renaissance volume and I didn't see anything particularly objectionable, although I was in a bookstore and didn't have time to peruse it thoroughly. I noticed in the introduction that Susan Wise Bauer said that she left teaching the Reformation up to parents because both Catholics and Protestants behaved heroically and cruelly. I was wondering if she got so much flack over her Protestant presentation that she toned it down in the new edition! At this point the decision is still 2 years away for us, but I'm also looking to substitute another text during that period or supplement with lots of Vision books about counter-reformation saints, The Outlaws of Ravenhurst, and so forth.

Has anyone else got any recommendations?

God bless,
P.S. If your friend is just coming back to the Church, I wonder if she might do better with a lukewarm, fence-sitting treatment of the Reformation, rather than a really hard-core Catholic one? Sometimes very very Catholic perspectives come across as heavy-handed and off-putting to new converts or reverts. It depends on *how* she's coming back, I suppose . . . !


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Does anyone use Story of the World? Empty Story of the World and the Reformation

Post  Johnson Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:37 pm

We used SOTW vol. 1 for 1st grade/2nd grade year. But then, we moved to another book, since our advisor highly recommended we do so, since SOTW presents the Reformation from a Protestant viewpoint, and not necessarily accurate. Since we have other choices, we decided it best to use those that support what we are about as a Catholic family. We are currently moving into the RC History program. I didn't read the other volumes of SOTW, so I cannot say firsthand how they came across. Just heeded the warning of our advisor whose trust has been gained over the past three years. Hope this helps.



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Does anyone use Story of the World? Empty Re: Does anyone use Story of the World?

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