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Homeschool Classroom?

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Homeschool Classroom? Empty Homeschool Classroom?

Post  sandygirl Thu May 28, 2009 1:31 pm

Just wondering - do you have one? How do you set it up? Do you use school desks? Tables? Regular desks?

I'm working on setting up my home office which will also be the
classroom {we're using CHC and it calls for lots of stuff on walls, etc} and I know I'm
going to have to watch ahead for furniture deals so I'm trying to
figure out what I want in there.

I've already got bookcases for putting school books on {I buy ahead in
grades as I find super cheap} but I just can't decide whether to look
for a school desk for DD, a little table, or just a regular desk. It
needs to be large enough to work on with cutting things out, drawing,
main subjects etc. We can always use the floor for big projects though
as it's got tile floors in that room.

DD will be starting Kinder FWIW.


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Homeschool Classroom? Empty Re: Homeschool Classroom?

Post  ajd464 Thu May 28, 2009 2:18 pm

Our home has a full basement so we have a classroom/playroom there. I have a child size table and chairs. I also have an old fashioned style wooden desk that my 5 yo enjoys sitting in to do her work. We have one book shelf. We also have an art easel. We have a cork bulletin board on the wall as decorate it with the seasons.


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Homeschool Classroom? Empty Re: Homeschool Classroom?

Post  just4books Fri May 29, 2009 10:22 pm

We don't have the luxury of having a classroom, so we ended up setting up a desk in our family room. I went to an office store and bought two laminated file cabinets (desk height) that are a part of those modular desk systems. The top two drawers are shallow, yet big enough for odds and ends, and drawer organizers. The kids use the top drawer for index cards, flip cards, protractors, small books, art supplies, etc. The middle drawer has a large drawer organizer for pens, pencils, rulers, scissors, erasers etc. The bottom drawer is a file drawer. We keep current year school books and files with finished work there. Each child (I have two) has his own file cabinet.

We cut a fairly large 1/2" piece of wood to fit & sit on top of the file cabinets to create a desk. I had it laminated with a color that blends in with our familyroom & file cabinets. Everything is well organized, with plenty of work space (one child at a time, of course, due to the limitations of the room). The cost to do this was less than the price of a large desk that would handle the same amount of books and supplies. A set up like this can easily be adapted and arranged to have several children sitting at the desk, all with their own cabinets, all at the same time. We have an adjustable height task chair at the desk, so no matter who sites there, the desk is always the perfect height. (and they'll never outgrow it!)


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Homeschool Classroom? Empty Re: Homeschool Classroom?

Post  saramarie037 Thu Aug 06, 2009 2:25 am

I bought my 2 sons each a used school desk on ebay. I put them in our playroom along with a bookcase, easel and whiteboard and, of course, a crucifix and pictures of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary. My boys (6 & 9) do their independent work at their desks. Work with Mom is done at the kitchen table. Smile For some really great advice check out Sue Patrick"s workbox system at


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Homeschool Classroom? Empty Re: Homeschool Classroom?

Post  momgineerof6 Thu Aug 06, 2009 11:47 am

My older children (6th grade and up) have regular desks in their room. Not the school type desks, but the typical type desks that come with bedroom sets. They do all of their work that does not require me in their room. I have a room in our basement that is our "school room" where I have my own desk and a table and a marker board. My younger students sit at the table to do their work as do my older children when they need my help. It is a regular kitchen table (our old one). I find that I need to sit beside the student to work with them and a little old school desk is not condusive to that. Even in our Catholic school, kindergarteners do not sit at desks, but tables. I find that the student needs much more room to work than is afforded by a school desk. For us, me having my own desk and then having a table for the kids to sit around works much better. We have found that a typical 6 seeter table works well for 3 students at a time, otherwise it is too crowded.


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Homeschool Classroom? Empty homeschool classroom

Post  Patricia Grohs Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:52 pm

Perhaps our situation is a bit unique, as I only homeschooled our youngest of six children. I took her out of public school after she completed 2nd grade. We were given a used desk and she was excited to use it. The cat, however, seemed to like laying on top of the desk better than she liked using it. By the next year, she liked the dining room table, and since then she has varied her working place from the table to the couch with coffee table. The desk and sadly, the cat as well, no longer exist. Now she is a senior in high school and she works where she can concentrate best whether it is in her bedroom, couch, or the table. My point is mainly that if you do not have room for a schoolroom such as was the case with us, homeschooling works anyway and each family eventually finds what works for them. We have no family room, nor basement; just your basic 3 bedroom one story house and homeschooling has been a joy.

Patricia Grohs

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Homeschool Classroom? Empty Re: Homeschool classroom?

Post  doclmc Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:07 pm

The downstairs part of our house has a family room and another good-sized space which the previous owners used as an office (it is open to the family area). I use this space for the classroom. My mother bought antique school desks for us when the boys ( I have 2) were first beginning school. They do some of their work at the desks. For projects or work that requires some "spreading out", I set up a card table. My grandmother's old dining table serves as my desk, where I can do planning, etc. We have an easel with chalkboard on one side, white board on the other, so I can demonstrate math, etc. and they can also work problems or it can be set up for painting, etc. I put up a cork board for seasonal or topic-related displays. I hang a "classroom clothes line" (these can be found at school supply stores) to hang up art work, Latin word cards, or whatever. Of course we have shelves for their books and a computer desk. In the laundry room, which is right next to the classroom (it has a half bath, too--very convenient!!) , I have an armoire-type cabinet to house all our art and craft supplies. For read-alouds in literature, history, etc., we usually go to the couch in the familly room. For tests, they can go wherever is most comfortable. For science labs, we usually work in the kitchen. In nice weather, we do lessons out on the back porch! We are lucky to have found a house that has space we can devote to a classroom, but as the other person below stated, homeschooling can be done just about anywhere! God Bless your family and I hope this helps.


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Homeschool Classroom? Empty Re: Homeschool Classroom?

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